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Webinar: Tested tools for managing STEM networks
Posted: May 24 2017
The webinar will focus on STEM network management tools from two states. Both Oregon (STEM Hub Backbone Effectiveness Tool) and Indiana (Indiana STEM Strategic Plan) have created tools earning the STEMx seal of approval. Webinar is on June 14, 2017.
Graduate Training in the Social and Behavioral Sciences: A Workshop
Posted: May 24 2017
Join the Board on Science Education for a public workshop on Graduate Training in the Social and Behavioral Sciences. The two day workshop will help identify educational changes that may be needed in order to better prepare PhD students in the social and behavioral sciences (SBS) for the job market and scientific challenges of the future. It will be webcast.
MSP News: Assessment for Learning
Posted: Mar 30 2017
This issue of the Newsletter from MSPNet has several papers on assessment, with a focus on cross-cutting concepts, scientific practices, and core ideas.
Inaugural ASCN Leadership Institute
Posted: Mar 16 2017
The ASCN Leadership Institute is designed to support campus change agents in using institutional change strategies to advance STEM change projects to greater scale and sustainability.
AAU & RCSA Publish collection of case studies on Improving Undergraduate STEM Education
Posted: Mar 16 2017
The case studies document current and past efforts to improve teaching and learning in STEM fields and are meant to be a resource for department chairs and deans who are contemplating large-scale efforts of their own.
Doctoral Assistantship in Undergraduate STEM Teaching and Learning
Posted: Feb 10 2017
The School of Natural Resources (UNL) and Department of Biology (UNO) seek a Ph.D. candidate to participate in grant-funded projects to investigate i.) undergraduate student learning outcomes in STEM, and ii.) design and assess professional development opportunities for undergraduate STEM instructors (e.g., faculty and learning assistants at the undergraduate and master's level).
Building a STEM DBER Alliance
Posted: Jan 18 2017
As part of NSEC's funded Research Action Cluster and in conjunction with AAAS, we held a meeting of discipline-based education researchers (DBER) in November 2016. The purpose is to build a cross-DBER community of scholars to advance and disseminate knowledge and theory that promote learning and success for all students across STEM fields. At its core, this STEM DBER community will focus on undergraduate learning and teaching at 2- and 4-year colleges and universities, with links to K-12 and graduate education. STEM is broadly defined to include social and behavioral sciences.
Study Explores How Universities Deploy Faculty and Link to Professors' Pay
Posted: Jan 11 2017
Inside Higher Ed - A common criticism of the faculty reward system is that it tends to value research over teaching. A just-released working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research offers new evidence in support of that contention, suggesting that the number of students a professor teaches has relatively little to do with their compensation.
Science Faculty with Education Specialties Influence Teaching Practices of Departmental Colleagues
Posted: Sep 13 2016
Departments are increasingly hiring Science Faculty with Education Specialities (SFES) to help improve undergraduate science education. According to a recent study, SFES report their strongest impact is influencing other faculty's teaching practices.
National Academies' Developing Indicators for Undergraduate STEM Education
Posted: Sep 12 2016
Registration is now open for the public meeting on the preliminary draft of the Developing Indicators for Undergraduate STEM Education. The public meeting is October 6, 2016. The period for public comments is now open and will close on October 14th, 2016. We encourage you to check out the report and provide feedback to the committee here: