Teaching Portions of a Hydrogeology Course

This webpage presents ways of using the activities and resources in the website for teaching topics within a hydrogeology course. Below are lists of Student Learning Modules and materials from the Resources Collections that can be adapted within the context of a traditional undergraduate or graduate level hydrogeology course. The Instructor Activities & Assignments modules contain suggestions for implementing the materials in each of the Student Learning Modules.

Geologic Cross Sections - Mapping Aquifers & Confining Beds

Potentiometric Maps - Contouring Water Levels

  • Instructor Activity & Assignment 4
  • Student Learning Module 4
  • Resource Collections: Photographs - well, drilling, wells G and H; Maps; Aerial photographs; Field data

Groundwater Flow Directions & Velocities

  • Instructor Activity & Assignment 5
  • Student Learning Module 5
  • Resource Collections: Aerial photographs; Photographs - wells, drilling, USGS activities; Trial testimony; Field data

Flooding & Flood Recurrence Interval

  • Instructor Activity & Assignment 6
  • Student Learning Module 6
  • Resource Collections: Photographs - wetland, wells G & H; Field data, Aerial photographs; Field data; USGS website

Induced Infiltration

  • Instructor Activity & Assignment 7
  • Student Learning Module 7
  • Resource Collections: Photographs - wells G & H, Newspaper articles, Trial testimony

Contaminant Movement

  • Instructor Activity & Assignment 8
  • Student Learning Module 8
  • Resource Collections: Trial exhibits; Trial testimony, Newspaper articles, Photographs; Field data

Superfund Cleanup

  • Instructor Activity & Assignment 13
  • Student Learning Module 13
  • Resource Collections: Photographs, Technical articles