Request Access to Instructor-Only Materials

Use the form below to request access to Educator-only files on the TREX website. You need to complete this form only once to have access to all TREX Educator-only files. Once you get email notification that you have been approved, go to the TREX- Guides section of the website and click on the guide that you want. You will be prompted to enter your email (be sure to use the same one that you use here) and then the guide will automatically be sent to you. You can do this for each of the five labs. Please allow at least 48 hours for approval.

So that we can verify that private materials are only given to actual instructors please:

  • provide a url for an institutional web page that we can use to verify that you are an instructor: e.g. a departmental bio, staff directory, lab home page. If possible this page should include the email address.
  • briefly describe your role as an instructor (e.g. I am an assistant professor who teaches our department's introductory environmental science course)
  • briefly describe how you intend to use these materials
If you submit an incomplete form your request for access will be rejected.

By submitting this form, I agree to not redistribute the Educator-Only Materials to anyone else, including other educators. To ensure the long-term utility of these materials please do not redistribute them to anyone else–even other faculty members. Once the materials have passed through several hands it becomes dramatically more likely that they will end up in public circulation since a faculty member who receives them 3rd (or 4th) hand may not even be aware of their origin and the motivation to keep them private.

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