Participant List

as of June 22, 2009


Anne E. Egger, School of Earth Sciences, Stanford University (course, activity supplement, text review)
Cathryn Manduca, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College
Anthony Carpi, Department of Science, John Jay College-CUNY

Workshop participants

Fouad Abd-El-Khalick, Curriculum and Instruction, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (activity, course)
Barry Bickmore, Geological Sciences, Brigham Young University (activity 1, activity 2, course, activity supplement, text review)
Sharon Browning, Geology, Baylor University (activity, course)
Dave Dempsey, Geosciences, San Francisco State University (activity 1, activity 2, course)
Dara Dorsey, Earth Sciences & Science Education, Buffalo State College (course)
Yvonne Duncan, Science, El Cajon Valley High School (activity, course, text review 1, text review 2)
David Eichinger, Curriculum & Instruction/Biological Sciences, Purdue University (activity, course, text review)
Amy Ellwein, Earth and Planetary Sciences, The University of New Mexico (activity, course, text review)
David Gosselin, Environmental Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (activity, course)
Kathleen Harper, Geosciences, University of Montana (course, text review)
Steven Iona, Physics and Astronomy, University of Denver (activity, text review)
David Kobilka, Earth Science, Central Lakes College (activity)
Kaatje Kraft, Physical Science, Mesa Community College (activity 1, activity 2, course)
Nancy Ruggeri, Curriculum & Instruction, University of Wisconsin-Madison (activity, course, text review)
Stephen Shawl, Physics and Astronomy, University of Kansas (activity, course, text review)
Jeff Standish, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Harvard University (text review 1, text review 2)
Mark Stefanski, Science Department, Marin Academy (activity, text review)
Pete Stelling, Geology, Western Washington University (activity, course)
Sandra Swenson, Science, John Jay College (activity, course)
Trileigh Tucker, Environmental Studies, Seattle University (activity, course, text review)
Karen Viskupic, Department of Geosciences, Boise State University (course, text review)

Additional attendees

Heather Boyd, Visionlearning Program Evaluator, Virginia Tech
Mark Connolly, Visionlearning Program Assessor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Oksana Hlodan, American Institute of Biological Sciences (activity, course, text review 1, text review 2)
Jessica Ruvinsky, Science Writer
Anna Thanukos, UC Museum of Paleontology, UC Berkeley (activity 1, activity 2, text review 1, text review 2)