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Laboratory Preview and Preparation Sessions

Sessions authored by Wesley S. Boberg. Laboratory materials provided by GEOS, a Prentice Hall custom published lab manual for Physical Geology, 2007.
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Prior to attending each lab, students are required to answer several questions, related to the lab, using an online class management system. These questions focus on content of the lab material and process skills used in the lab activity. Once the quiz is completed, the results are shared with the whole class and the activity is discussed. Student then proceed to complete the lab activity and all subsequent evaluations.

Learning Goals

  1. Explore appropriate lab manual materials before the lab activities.
  2. Use the text material in the manual to seek out answers to questions provided in pre-lab evaluations (D2L).
  3. Review the results of the pre-lab evaluations to discover and address any deficiencies in knowledge and skills required for the lab activities.
  4. Complete the lab activities as directed by the manual, instructor, and student results to the laboratory preview sessions.

Context for Use

Description and Teaching Materials

Laboratory Preview and Preparation Sessions (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 11kB Feb25 10)

Teaching Notes and Tips


  1. The D2L lab preview quiz is based on participation for lab work. Each lab will have a participation grade worth 20% of the total grade for that lab (if you do not take the quiz then the best you can achieve is 80% for the lab). Accuracy of the answers is not as important and the effort.
  2. The lab activity will be graded as discussed in class each week.

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