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  • Join the Sustainability Learning at Colleges and Universities discussion group. You can post questions and have discussions about what you are doing or want to do in your classroom/on your campus and receive insights from others. (This discussion group is supported by the Disciplinary Associations Network for Sustainability and the Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium)
  • The original SISL project put together a list of resources (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 98kB May13 15)

Resource Discussions

Know of another resource for teaching sustainability? Use the thread below to share and discuss you favorite items. There are many types of resources you might use in teaching about sustainability: books, journal articles, websites, computer applications, datasets or tools, maps or GIS data, visualizations, and more. If you would like to contribute a teaching activity, please use Contribute an Activity form. When you share a teaching resource, please provide:

  1. the type of resource
  2. the full reference, and,
  3. a description of how you used this resource in the classroom, and why you think others might be interested (this is extremely important, because your experience and expertise are what make the resource valuable to others).

You can use your browser's find-in-page function to do a keyword search to see if the others have already suggested your idea (command+f on a mac, control+f on a pc). If so, you can reply to the post and add more information on your experiences with that resource.

To begin your post, sign into your SERC account or click on the link to create an account and follow the directions .

Resource Discussions  

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Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy (SSPP) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that provides a platform for the dissemination of new practices and for dialogue emerging out of the field of sustainability. The e-Journal fills a gap in the literature by establishing a forum for cross-disciplinary discussion of empirical science as well as practice and policy developments related to sustainability. SSPP facilitates communication among scientists, practitioners, and policy makers who are investigating and shaping nature-society interactions and working towards sustainable solutions.

SSPP Blog: A weekly post on Current Issues in Sustainability Studies to explore sustainability topics and complement the Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy ejournal.


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Cooling the Curriculum, A Learning Community for Climate Change Education. This web portal provides access to a variety of resources for teaching about climate change in disciplines that span the humanities, social sciences and physical sciences that have been contributed by faculty participating in a NASA Innovations in Climate Change Education project that is being led by Dickinson College. The focus is on undergraduate liberal arts education.


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