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Understanding Why Our Present Consumption Way of Life is Unsustainable part of Activities
Walt White
This activity will show why our present ultra consumption way of life is not sustainable and must be changed if the human race is to survive long term. The Story of Stuff is shocking but very informative. Its purpose is to wake people up to the perilous situation we are in and take action individually or collective to make the necessary and difficult changes needed.

The Urgent Need For Understanding and Implementing Sustainability part of Activities
Walt White
This activity promotes a clearer understanding of what sustainability at a personal level is, the big contributors to emissions (climate change), a fun quiz-game that promotes learning/knowledge, and a means of collaborating you ides with others.

Using Research and Data to Protect and Ensure Safety With The Use Of Everyday Consumer Products part of Activities
Assignment directed by Ethan Whale, Oakland Community College, based of the internet source and mobile application, "Good Guide", created by Dara O'Rourke, Good Guide Inc. ,
New lengths of teaching the ideas of sustainable and renewable energies to late high school and early college students.

Conservation and Restoration in a Local Ecosystem part of Activities
David Koetje, Calvin College; Amy Wilstermann, Calvin College
Students are introduced to a local ecosystem and tasked with observing several sites, identifying features that pose threats or promote resilience at the sites, assessing the overall health of the ecosystem, and formulating recommendations for management of the ecosystem.

Analysis of the Global Climate Change Controversy: A Problem-Based Learning Activity part of Activities
David Koetje, Calvin College; Amy Wilstermann, Calvin College
This is a problem-based learning activity that guides students through a process whereby the class as a whole investigates various stakeholder perspectives on the global climate change controversy. Individual students then reflect on their own perspectives in light of what they have learned.

Climate Change, Communities, and Public Planning: A Problem-Based Learning Activity part of Activities
David Koetje, Calvin College; Amy Wilstermann, Calvin College
In this problem-based learning activity, students develop a case study that "puts a human face" on the effects of global climate change (GCC) on a particular community in the United States. Students work in teams to: discover cultural, economic, and natural features of the community; identify challenges presented by GCC; and identify options for responding to these challenges.

Exploring the Sustainability of the U.S. Food System part of Activities
David Koetje, Calvin College
This is a collaborative learning activity based on the documentaries "King Corn" and "Big River" in which students explore and propose solutions to sustainability issues associated with industrial agriculture and food systems.

Using "Good Guide" to Create Better Consumers part of Activities
Aaron Fekaris

Applying Quantitative Reasoning to Biodiversity part of Activities
Kenneth Mulder, Green Mountain College
A series of 6 Excel-based projects on the mathematics of biodiversity for basic college math classes and developmental math classes. Students learn about the structure of biodiversity, the application of many basic data analysis skills, and the use of Excel for analysis and data presentation.

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