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Problems for Calculus and Precalculus

Deborah Hughes Hallett, Guadalupe Lozano, Daniel Flath
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Problems on Energy and Climate for Students in Calculus I and II

Learning Goals

Introduces students to some of the data in key areas of sustainability: alternative energy sources and climate markers. To communicate and engage in civil discourse, students benefit from learning to hear numbers speak and to see data as evidence.

Context for Use

Problems on energy sources and climate changes for homework or quizzes for students in a first year Calculus I and II sequence.

Description and Teaching Materials

Problems intended for students in a precalculus or calculus course; they can be assigned as homework or given on an quiz/exam. Students are asked to look at data in a tabular form, as a graph, and with a fitted function. Published in "Calculus", 6th ed, Hughes-Hallett et al, Wiley. Uploaded with permission of the publisher. Problems for Calculus and Precalculus (Acrobat (PDF) 37kB Mar16 13)

Teaching Notes and Tips

These problems can be assigned as homework or used to generate class discussion.


Use as quiz or test questions.

References and Resources

Web links can be used to update the data or look for additional data sources.