A Model for the Development and Implementation of Field Trips as an Integral Part of the Science Curriculum
Nir Orion 1993 School Science and Mathematics v. 93, no. 6, p. 325-331

In this paper, Orion summarizes what we know from the literature about designing effective field trips for high school students, including the challenges and barriers to success. The model he describes has four components: (1) the field trip should be a hands-on experience, (2) the field trip should take a process-oriented approach, (3) students should be appropriately prepared for the field trip, and (4) it should be integrated into a unit in the classroom. This is a particularly useful article for students in a teaching methods course to read, as it both summarizes key findings in the literature and then offers a practical guide to designing a field trip. Although the focus is on geology field trips, the same model is appropriate for any type of field experience.

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