Field Geology Education: Historical Perspectives and Modern Approaches
Steven J. Whitmeyer, David W. Mogk, Eric J. Pyle 2009 Geological Society of America Special Paper

Field instruction has traditionally been at the core of the geoscience curriculum. The field experience has been integral to the professional development of future geoscientists, and is particularly important as it applies to student understanding of spatial, temporal, and complex relations in the Earth system. As important as field experiences have been to geosciences education and the training of geoscientists, the current situation calls for discipline-wide reflection of the role of field experiences in the geoscience curriculum in light of practical and logistical challenges, evolution in employment opportunities for geoscientists, and changing emphases in the geoscience curriculum. This volume seeks to broaden participation in field instruction by showcasing diverse approaches to teaching in the field across the many geo-disciplines encompassed by GSA.

ISBN 9780813724614
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