Honoring diversity in the classroom: Challenges and reflections
1996 Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit

This document provides the framework for six other related documents in a series that focuses on diversity in the classroom. Section 1 explains that diversity presents teachers with challenges and obligations. The chapter reviews the subjects addressed in the series' other six documents. It explains that teachers who work with diverse students must be capable of analysis, visioning, and advocacy--elements associated with reflection. Section 2 defines diversity and explains that teachers must be able to understand the shifting, evolving paradigms in education in order to be able to serve the needs of all students. Section 3 explains essential elements of the reflective process (open mindedness, responsibility, and whole heartedness) and discusses the importance of reflective teaching. Section 4 defines equality and discrimination as related to teaching diverse students. Section 5 discusses the moral values that guide teachers in their interactions and examines how they are reinforced by human rights legislation. Section 6 discusses how to ensure equality if one student's behavior disrupts everyone else's education. Section 7 presents two student scenarios from the viewpoint of the student, teacher, administrator, and school board.

ISBN 0-7731-0324-4
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