The Great 1906 Earthquake, 100 years later

United States Geological Survey (USGS), United States Geological Survey (USGS)

This collection of resources is intended to commemorate the centennial of the Great 1906 Earthquake that destroyed much of San Francisco. Items include maps, books and articles, photos and video, field trip ideas, interactive features, and simulations. Of particular interest is 'Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country', a general interest publication that provides information about earthquake hazards in the San Francisco Bay region, and a virtual tour of Bay Area faults and earthquake history featuring ground-shaking maps, historic photographs, and quotes from earthquake survivors. 'Where's the San Andreas Fault?' is a field trip guidebook to selected stops along the San Andreas fault that can be used by teachers, hikers, and the general public. There are also simulations of ground motion and a 3D geologic and seismic velocity model of the region, as well as photographer George Lawrence's famous aerial photo of the destroyed city, which was taken by a camera suspended from kites.

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