Weather and Climate Data

The Weather and Climate Data site for the Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies (COLA) contains analyses of current conditions and the state of the atmosphere; weather forecasts; metropolitan quick-look weather summaries and meteograms; short-term climate outlooks for temperature, precipitation and soil moisture; El Nino forecasts for understanding the ocean-atmosphere system; and maximum potential hurricane intensity maps showing potential minimum pressure and potential maximum winds for the oceans.

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Subject: Geoscience:Atmospheric Science, Oceanography, Hydrology, Atmospheric Science:Climatology , Geoscience:Oceanography:Physical
Resource Type: Audio/Visual:Maps, Datasets and Tools:Datasets
Special Interest: Complex Systems, Visualization
Grade Level: Graduate/Professional, College Upper (15-16)
Data Source: Synthetic/Model Data, Observational Data
Ocean Environments: Surface Waters
Science Background Required: Basic scientific background required
Theme: Teach the Earth:Incorporating Societal Issues:Climate Change, Teach the Earth:Course Topics:Hydrology/Hydrogeology, Oceanography, Atmospheric Science, Teach the Earth:Teaching Topics:Water