The Five Biggest Ideas in Science
Charles M. Wynn, Arthur W. Wiggins 1996 Wiley

In a thought-provoking and entertaining exploration of The Five Biggest Ideas in Science, authors Charles Wynn and Arthur Wiggins provide a panoramic view of the questions scientists seek to answer about the natural world: QUESTION 1) Do basic building blocks of matter exist, and if so, what do they look like? BIG IDEA 1) Physics' Model of the Atom. QUESTION 2) What relationships, if any, exist among different kinds of atoms? BIG IDEA 2) Chemistry's Periodic Law. QUESTION 3) Where did the atoms of the universe come from,and what is their destiny? BIG IDEA 3) Astronomy's Big Bang Theory. QUESTION 4) How is the matter of the universe arranged in planet Earth? BIG IDEA 4) Geology's Plate Tectonics Model. QUESTION 5) How did life on planet Earth originate and develop? BIG IDEA 5) Biology's Theory of Evolution.

ISBN 0-471-13812-6
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