Creationism's geologic time scale
Donald U. Wise 1998 American Scientist

This is a detailed description and debunking of the entire Flood-Creation timeline supported by most Creation Scientists. The Flood-Creation timeline begins 6,000 years ago with the creation of the Earth and of all species of living things plus all extinct ones taking 6 24-hour days. The Noachian flood occurred ~ 2350 B.C. and lasted a year, during which ocean sediments were deposited at 80,000,000 times present rates and the dinosaurs, trilobites, etc. died off. Violent plate tectonic activity (with subduction rates of 1-10 km hour in some places) was also typical of this period. A single ice age took place at the end of the flood. Flood creationism also assumes that the speed of light, rates of radiometric decay and rates of cooling have changed over the course of Earth history.

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