Reinforcing quantitative skills with applied research on tombstone-weathering rates
Shelia Roberts 2000 Journal of Geoscience Education v48 p469-473

This Journal of Geoscience Education article describes a tombstone weathering exercise that reinforces quantitative skills with applied research. The article describes an exercise designed and carried out by students in a surficial processes course. Measuring the rates of rapid geomorphic processes emphasizes the quantitative aspects of research project design, data collection, and analysis. The project reinforced students' recently acquired knowledge of statistics (from a required math class) as they used it, at their own initiative, to solve a geologic problem. When the field data were more complex than they expected, students demonstrated for themselves that mathematical analysis could give meaning to their data.

ISBN 10899995
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Subject: Education
Special Interest: Quantitative
Resource Type: Journal ArticleKeywords: active learning, interactive lecture, quantitative skills