Energy Minerals Division, American Association of Petroleum Geologists

This is a report about the state of the uranium industry as of 1998. The report summarizes the trends in the fields of supply and demand, world and U.S. uranium production, and spot prices will are summarized. Other topics include new developments in the opening of mines and mills, the role of vanadium in uranium mining, status of commercialization of uranium from Russian and U.S. defense materials, privatization of the government enrichment plant, status of nuclear power plants, the Survey participation and progress on EPA Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials program, status of mine and mill reclamation, role of thorium in the nuclear power industry, and the outdated U.S. national uranium resource assessment. Finally, a look into the future of the nuclear industry into the 21st century is discussed. Also included on this site is a list of references and links to recommended nuclear web sites.

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