Mathematica Tutorial

Bill Titus, Carleton College
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Northfield, MN 55057-4025 March 1, 2003

These nine, self-paced tutorials that will expose you to various Mathematica tools and skills. Note: You must have Mathematica installed on your computer to open these files. During these tutorials, you'll:

  1. Learn a subset of Mathematica by example
  2. Get a feeling for the structure of Mathematica and some of its potential
  3. Learn how to find out information about Mathematica and its various commands
  4. Develop the ability and confidence to pick Mathematica up again, even if some time has gone by (but not too much time)
  5. Have a sense of the power and scope of Mathematica and whether you want to invest the time and effort in learning this software package.

Here are the 9 tutorials as well as the introductory material from the workshop for which these were created.