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Marine Debris: Fishing for Microplastics in Your Home part of Curriculum for the Bioregion:Activities
Students engage with the issue of plastics found in the ocean environment, by exploring products in their homes which contain plastics; they also learn how to calculate the concentration of plastics found in a chosen personal care product.

Course (1)

Climate Change: An Elective for the "Natural World" Requirement part of Curriculum for the Bioregion:Courses
Climate Change is a quarter-long course offered to both science majors and non-majors as a general university requirement elective. The course uses classroom activities to explore evidence of climate change and ...

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Plastics, Oceans, and Earth: Field-based Learning Influencing Education part of Rendezvous 2015:Program:Abstracts
Faculty at the University of Washington Tacoma offer several opportunities for students to engage in field-based learning to explore science topics. These experiences are intended to evaluate student ability to ...

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TESC 238-Energy and the Environment at University of Washington Tacoma part of Math You Need:Implementations
This page is designed to provide a guide to a planned implementation of The Math You Need, When You Need It. It will change as the implementation proceeds at this institution. Please check back regularly for ...

Julie Masura part of Hurricanes-Climate Change Connection:Workshop 08:Participant Profiles
Julie Masura Environmental Science University of Washington-Tacoma 1900 Commerce St. Tacoma, WA 98402 253.692.4317 mailto:jmasura@u.washington.edu INTRODUCTION: I am a member of the Environmental Science faculty ...