Alan Whittington

Geological Sciences

University of Missouri-Columbia

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How many sand grains on a beach? part of Quantitative Skills:Activity Collection
Short exercise designed to give students practice in determining what information is needed to answer a question, estimating an answer, and calculating an answer (including unit conversions and scientific notation). Emphasizes the relevance of large numbers to society (population, debt, etc).

Courses (2)

Natural Hazards and Catastrophes part of Quantitative Skills:Courses
1 credit hour course for non-scientists, with no pre-requisites. Aims to improve quantitative and scientific literacy through applying simple skills to topics including global climate change, earthquakes, volcanoes ...

Principles of Geology part of Quantitative Skills:Courses
Introductory Physical Geology with lab. Three 1-hour lectures per week plus one 2-hour lab per week (taught by TA's).


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