Expanding HBCU Pathways for Geoscience Education

This project aims to deliver a strategic multidimensional solution to impact middle school teacher preparation curricula and professional development activities and improve minority access to the geosciences.
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To broaden participation and literacy in the geosciences, culturally relevant place-based pedagogy must be developed and implemented to facilitate the recruitment, retention, preparation, and graduation of qualified and diverse geoscience literate middle school teachers. To that end, the project will:

  • Develop and deploy a scalable tool for a comprehensive assessment ("Deep Dive") of geoscience content and overall support in teacher education programs,
  • Develop tools to help institutions compile, map, and deliver specific capacity-building recommendations, and
  • Design capacity-building resources to support key elements of geoscience teacher education, such as culturally relevant, place-based geoscience material for teacher education or experiential place-based intensive camp for pre-service and in-service teachers with a practicum component.



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