Integration of Engineering Working Group

Vision Statement

Our vision is that all graduates of Washington State's STEM teacher preparation programs (K-8, 4-9 and 5-12 STEM endorsements) integrate core engineering design ideas to create transformative learning experiences that support and train their students to engage with culturally relevant problems.

Resources Developed By Working Group

Engineering Integration Programmatic Benchmarks Rubric.pdf
(Acrobat (PDF) 82kB Mar27 19)
DRAFT Engineering Integration Programmatic Benchmarks Rubric (Acrobat (PDF) 82kB Mar27 19) – Landscape analysis for integrating engineering into STEM teacher preparation. This rubric is for STEM teacher preparation programs to assess the level at which they have integrated engineering into their program. Elements of this rubric were based on the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction STEM Education Schools and Programs STEM Attribute Implementation rubrics (2013), found here.

Introduction to the Integration of Engineering Working Group.

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Key Goals and Objectives

Working Group Members and Affiliations

Process, Methodology, and Decision Making

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