WA NextGen STEM Teacher Prep Management Team and External Advisory Board


The NextGen Management Team creates a link among the Working Groups to facilitate communication and cross-pollination of ideas. The Management Team consists of the facilitators of each of the NextGen Working Groups (see links on the left of this page), the Science Director from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, plus the Project Director. As part of our "collective impact" model (Kania and Kramer (2011)), the Management Team is the structure within which we create a common agenda, coordinate activities, provide backbone support and continuous communication across this ambitious state-wide project.

The External Advisory Board provides advice and perspective to the Management Team and any specific Working Groups relevant to Board members' expertise.

Download the NextGen Vision for teachers in 2030 (Acrobat (PDF) 71kB Feb7 19) for more information.

Process, Methodology and Decision Making

The NextGen Management Team meets via online video conferencing every week to every month. Prior to each meeting, an agenda is sent to all members, and during each meeting notes are taken on google docs (and are available to all NextGen participants) and tasks assigned.

The Management Team also has annual to semi-annual retreats to determine large-scale strategies, goals, and plans for moving toward our goals. Each retreat has a specific agenda, and results in concrete outcomes, and assigned tasks.

The External Advisory Board meets in-person or via zoom video-conferencing approximately once per year. Specific goals for each meeting are established prior to each meeting so that we optimize the benefits of the Advisory Board's collective expertise.

Management Team Members

  • Antilla, Julie (Seattle Pacific University)
  • Baldwin, Kathryn (Eastern Washington University)
  • Clark-Blickenstaff, Jacob (formerly with Washington State LASER, on Management Team for first two years)
  • Cohen, Jessica (Western Washington University)
  • Dechaine, Jennifer (Central Washington University)
  • Ebert, Ellen (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction)
  • Egger, Anne (Central Washington University)
  • Estes, Jeff (formerly with WA-State LASER, retired)
  • Geary, Ed (Western Washington University)
  • Hadley, Maile (ZenoMath)
  • Hanley, Daniel (Western Washington University)
  • Holmlund, Tamara (Washington State University-Vancouver)
  • Hrdina, Vickei (Educational Service District 112)
  • Lesseig, Kristin (Washington State University-Vancouver)
  • Mcmahon, Ann (UW-Bothell)
  • Miller, Matt (Western Washington University)
  • Rios, Jose (University of Washington-Tacoma)
  • Ronca, Roxane (Western Washington University)
  • Vokos, Stamatis (Cal-Poly, formerly Seattle Pacific University)
  • Wright-Mockler, Ann (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

External Advisory Board Members

  • Butler Songer, Nancy (Drexel University)
  • Lewis, Mark (Chief Education Office, Oregon)
  • Philip, Randy (San Diego State University)
  • Ramaley, Judith (past president Portland State University, professor emerita Portland State and Winona State)
  • Salzman, Noah (Boise State)
  • Sumner, Tammy (CU-Boulder)