Professional Development

The MEL project provided professional development to teachers on the use of pre-constructed model-evidence link (pcMEL) and build-a-mel (baMEL) activities centered on current Earth science topics. Our current project involves teaching students to evaluate sources and claims. We are holding two Summer Institutes, one in Georgia from June 3-6, 2024 and one in Philadelphia from June 24-27, 2024. The Institutes will explore and connect two types of curricular materials that deepen students' understanding of how to evaluate socioscientific issues, such as the climate crisis, energy use, and food security, using instructional scaffolds called Lateral Reading and Model-Evidence Link Diagrams. We look forward to working with science, social studies, and English language arts teachers.

Pre-Institute Webinar 1: Lateral Reading

Pre-Institute Webinar 2: Model-Evidence Link Diagrams

Project Support

This project is supported in part by the NSF under Grant Nos. DRL-2201012, DRL-2201013, DRL-2201015, DRL-2201016, DRL-2201017, and DRL-2201018. Previous support came from Grant Nos. DRL-2027376, DRL-1721041, and DRL-1316057. Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the NSF's views.

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