Workshop Agenda

Plan to arrive by 5:00pm on Wednesday, September 17th and to depart after 3:30pm on Friday, September 19th.

Wednesday, September 17 (Day 1)

Afternoon: Participants Arrive

Evening: Participants meet at Carleton College, Weitz Center

5:00 pm: Icebreaker with cash bar and poster session

6:00 pm: Dinner

7:15 pm: Welcome, introductions, update, and goals of workshop (Juli) Morgan - Introduction (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 456kB Sep17 14)

7:30 pm: Review for pedagogy and completeness (Cathy/Ellen)

7:45 pm: Internal mini-lesson reviews – purpose, procedures, & rubrics (Ellen/Cathy)

8:00 pm: Break-out Session #1a – Paired Reviews

Objectives:Mini-lesson authors meet in pre-assigned pairs to review their own and each other's mini-lessons. Approach from "backward design" point of view – i.e., look at what students achieved and compare to what was expected and desired. In the process, consider the original mini-lesson objectives, ongoing progress and plans, and field-testing results. See provided review form.

9:00 pm: Break-out Session #1b – Initiative Team Discussions

Objectives:Initiative teams regroup to debrief following reviews, develop initial plans for mini-lessons completion. Also define what team most needs from pedagogical expertise consultation (e.g., which mini-lessons are most in need or are there common needs across all the mini-lessons).

Thursday, September 18 (Day 2)

+6:00 am: Complimentary breakfast at the Northfield Country Inn
*All workshop activities will take place at Carleton College,
Weitz Center Room 236

8:30 am: Teams report-out from Break-outs #1

Objectives: Present initial plans for mini-lesson completion, have plan for what the team most needs from pedagogical expertise consultations.

9:15 am: Introduction to pedagogical consultations – purpose and goals (Ellen/Cathy)

9:30 am: Coffee Break

9:30-11:00 am: Break-out Session #2 – Initiative Teams Working Time

Objectives:Pedagogical experts meet with teams: Cathy Manduca (RCL); Julie Bartley (S2S); Mary Savina (Subfac); Ellen Iverson & Lisa Lamb (SEIZE). Clarify mini-lesson learning goals; match goals with achievements; refine assessment approaches; determine how to measure success, etc.

11:00 am: Group discussion on pedagogy – internalize what just heard & learned (Ellen/Cathy)

11:20-12:20 pm: Break-out Session #2 continued – Initiative Teams Working Time

Objectives: Teams focus on refining pedagogical aspects, and defining remaining steps to completion. Visiting experts circulate. Develop plans for addressing pedagogical pieces and any other final details for completion.

12:20 pm: Road check. Hand-out to be returned after lunch (Jen)

12:30 pm: Lunch – Language and Dining Hall

1:30-2:30 pm: Break-out Session #3a – Initiative Teams Working Time

Objectives: Initiative teams focus on incorporating input on pedagogy and defining plan for finalizing mini-lessons.

3:30 pm: Coffee Break

7:00 pm: Dinner & discussions at local restaurants

Flexible working time for initiative or disciplinary teams in prep for Friday wrap-up.

Friday, September 19 (Day 3)

+6:00 am: Complimentary breakfast at the Northfield Country Inn

8:30 am: Initiative teams report-out on pedagogical efforts, and mini-lesson finalization plans

9:00 am: Course development sub-team reports-out on proposed course outlines

9:30 am: Project completion Morgan-Closure (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 61kB Sep19 14)

  • Remaining tasks & timeline for completion (Juli & Project Team)
  • Documenting the pilot project – something for each mini-lesson, e.g., (Ellen, Jeff)
    • Plan to develop instructor story for each mini-lesson Instructor Story (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 104kB Sep19 14)
    • Collect reflection forms for each mini-lesson
  • Teams report-out on revisions

10:15-10:30 am: Coffee Break

10:30 am: Summary & Sustaining a Community of Practice (Jen)

10:45 am: Other business & looking forward

  • New plan for field-testing mini-lessons in the classroom (August)
  • Publications - who will contribute (Juli)
  • Disseminating results (Gus, SERC folks)
  • Potential course outlines (Cathy)
  • Future mini-lesson contributions
  • Proposed course outlines - who will contribute (Cathy, Jeff)
  • Other future efforts?

11:30 pm: Wrap up & closure – AGU get-together? Virtual Workshop?

12:00 pm: Adjourn

1:00 pm – shuttles start (Eliza leaves at 11:45 am)

2:00 pm another shuttle

Depart Friday afternoon