Doane Bridging Program

(Bridge to Science)

The Doane University Bridge to Science and Mathematics Program is designed for IINSPIRE-LSAMP eligible first-year minority students interested in science, engineering, and mathematics majors and any women interested in physics or engineering to aid in the transition from high school to college. It is a summer bridge program for high school students matriculating into Doane University with an interest in STEM fields. The program runs for four days in mid-August on the Doane University campus. The major objectives for the program are:

  1. Create a sense of community among a cohort of science and mathematics students.
  2. Introduce students to Doane science and mathematics faculty.
  3. Introduce students to Doane science and mathematics programs.
  4. Gain awareness of expectations and key study skills for success in science and mathematics.
  5. Explore the full range of careers in science, engineering, and mathematics and the kind of preparation required for them.
  6. Gain experience in working on a research problem.
  7. Encourage participation in undergraduate research.

Program Background

The IINSPIRE program at Doane is nicely described on the Science, Mathematics and Information Science and Technology website

Major Program Elements

Becoming comfortable with campus

Students have an opportunity to move in early and to become comfortable navigating campus before the rest of the new students arrive. Events are held in different parts of campus so students become familiar with places like the computer labs and library.

Learning skills of a college student

Students are introduced to specific skills they will need to be a successful college student including:

  • Staying organized using campus-wide tools such as Google drive, calendar tools and the college classroom management system.
  • Strategies for successful test taking and dealing with an unexpected score.
  • Strengths assessment

Meeting the community

Students have organized and facilitated events to get to know each other, STEM faculty they may work with on campus, and also the student support staff they may seek out as a student at Doane. This happens in a combination of social events and more formal meetings including a question and answer session with student mentors they may work with later in the year.

Example Program Resources