Cottrell Scholars Collaborative New Faculty Workshop

The CSC, in partnership with RCSA and the American Chemical Society, is implementing a New Faculty Workshop program to improve the penetration of research-validated pedagogies in chemistry departments around the country. By introducing new faculty to the scholarship behind scientific teaching before they enter the classroom, members of the CSC believe that we can help faculty develop great habits for effective teaching and student learning, and foster a new generation of more effective teacher-scholars.

Discipline: Chemistry

Workshop Leaders (PIs): Andrew Feig (Wayne State University) and Rory Waterman (Univ. VT)

Funding Source(s): Research Corporation for Science Advancement, American Chemical Society

Cost per participant: ~$400

Costs/Fees paid by the participants (or their home institutions): travel to and from workshop

Target Audience: new faculty either just starting or just finishing their first year

Typical Attendance: 25

Workshop Duration: two days

When Offered: Annual, early August

Workshop Website:

Program Description (Acrobat (PDF) 860kB Feb14 14)