Workshops for New Faculty in Physics and Astronomy

The NFW (New Faculty Workshop) has three formal goals: (1) to involve a significant fraction of the newly hired physics and astronomy faculty; (2) to acquaint and familiarize the participants with recent and successful pedagogic developments; and (3) to effect an improvement in physics and astronomy teaching when the participants implement new pedagogies at their home institutions.

Discipline: Physics and Astronomy

Workshop Leaders (PIs): Robert Hilborn, American Association of Physics Teachers, co-PIs: Ted Hodapp, American Physical Society, Kevin Marvel, American Astronomical Society.

Funding Source(s): National Science Foundation, Research Corporation for Science Advancement.

Cost per participant: $900

Costs/Fees paid by the participants (or their home institutions): Transportation to workshop site (College Park, MD).

Target Audience: Newly hired physics and astronomy faculty at four-year colleges and universities in first one-three years of initial tenure-track appointment.

Typical Attendance: 80

Workshop Duration: Three and one-half days.

When Offered: Originally once per year; since 2008 twice per year.

Workshop website:

Program Description (Acrobat (PDF) 863kB Feb14 14)

Program Evaluation (Acrobat (PDF) 264kB Feb14 14)