Initial Publication Date: January 27, 2014

National Association of Biology Teachers

4300 members
Education staff lead: Jaclyn Reeves-Pepin,
The mission of the National Association of Biology Teachers is to empower educators to provide the best possible biology and life science education for all students.

30% of NABT members teach at the undergraduate level, and we are dedicated supporting these educators and improving learning outcomes for their students.

As a professional society for teachers, all of our programs focus on education initiatives. With over 30% of our membership teaching at the undergraduate level, NABT has had major influence on the major reform efforts at that level, including implementing the strategies in the "Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education" report and being involved in the Introductory Biology Project, or NABT initiatives. NABT members are involved in college readiness (we're very impactful at the K-12 level as well), matriculation from two-year to four-year, etc.

Premier Contribution to Faculty Development

Each year, NABT hosts a Professional Development Conference for approximately 1000 educators, of which almost 50% of the attendees are from undergraduate institutions. The conference features over 200 workshops, sessions, speakers, and networking events.

For the last five years, NABT has conducted a full-day Faculty Professional Development Summit during the conference that is specifically designed for two-year and four-year educators. 80 to 100 people attend and themes have included deepening content knowledge, assessment, and most recently, implementing the Vision and Change recommendations. The in-person interactions that occur during the Faculty Summit serve as a launch point for a number of different projects throughout the year.

Additional Undergraduate Education Activities of NABT