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Why are Models Useful?

Why are models important and useful for students?

Modeling Methodology for Physics Teachers (more info) (1998) offers one of the most compelling reasons to use models in an introductory geoscience classroom. "Scientific practice involves the construction, validation and application of scientific models, so science instruction should be designed to engage students in making and using models."

In addition:

Other References supporting the usefulness of models for instruction

Demo Dozen at Creative Learning Exchange has some good information regarding the philosophy and usefulness of modeling activities in education. Download the Demo Dozen package towards the bottom of this page and open intro with Stella II. A free demo version of Stella II is available at ISEE Systems (more info)

Climate Sensitivity Research Lounge (more info)

Systems thinking: critical thinking skills for the 1990s and beyond (more info) Barry Richmond, 1993. in System Dynamics Review, Vol. 9, no. 2.

Examples of Climate Sensitivity Research Lounge (more info) research and links to publications.

Modeling Earth Processes using Spreadsheets and Commercial Models (PowerPoint 526kB May14 03) from 1st DLESE workshop presentation by William Locke/David Mogk Dept. of Earth Sciences Montana State University, Bozeman MT.

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