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Question of the Day: Weather

Question of the Day developed by William Prothero.


To answer the questions, refer to the map below and the wind belt map. The question refers to an imaginary continent named "Xeyna," which is populated by a fierce band of female warriors, which is irrelevant to this question.

Maps and diagrams of an imaginary world with a single supercontinent
  1. If the graph of temperature for location A shows the average high temperature throughout the year, which graph is most likely to show the temperature for location B?

  2. Which location probably has the driest climate? A, B ,C, or D

  3. Which location lies closest to a known zone of convergence and low pressure? A, B ,C, or D

Exercise from Messina et al., 2003

References and Notes:

Question of the Day is a method used by Dr. William Prothero in his Oceanography Course at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

The Question of the Day page with more examples and tips on using them is part of the Starting Point: Interactive Lectures Module.