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Technologies for Large Enrollment Courses

Clicker and laptop

Over the past decade there has been a significant amount of advance in pedagogical technologies that instructors can use to enhance large enrollment courses. Adapting some of these technologies can enhance interactive learning inside the classroom, improve the quality of traditional lecture segments, and facilitate learning outside of the classroom.

In Class

Most universities equip large classrooms with an amplification system and some sort of projection system (even if just a simple overhead projector). Beyond these basics, there are several technological tools that can be used in the classroom to enhance interaction and make lectures more engaging.

Outside of class

One of the challenges of making classes more interactive is the time required for class activities, time that would traditionally be used to "cover" more material. Moving some content delivery outside of the classroom can free up class time without necessarily reducing the amount of material covered. There are also tools that instructors can use to reduce the time needed to grade and assess students outside of class.

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