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ICBL Strategy 4: Pose Specific Questions

A productive way to generate questions is to ask students to use a chart listing what they know and what they need to know. If students are working in a group (recommended), this might be done as a group discussion. One student could record for the group while questions, facts and issues are raised. For a case like Goodbye Honeybuckets, 10-15 minutes of class time should suffice. A brief, whole class discussion of identified questions allows the instructor to assess prior knowledge and enables students to hear each others' ideas.

Closure on this strategy: The Know/Need to Know method usually leads to a long list of questions, and there will not be time to pursue them all. Ask each group to identify 3-5 key questions about which they feel it is essential to know more.

Student responses to the Know/Need to Know analysis for Goodbye Honeybuckets:


Need to Know:

Selected key questions for Goodbye Honeybuckets:

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