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Assessing the Use of Investigative Cases

Be sure to assess all that you want students to learn!

The way in which students are tested is the most significant factor in how they will approach learning in a course. Be sure to include assessments of the students' skills in identifying questions, resources, investigative methodologies and argumentation as well as their knowledge of the science concepts.

There are many informal opportunities to assess the performances of students who use investigative cases. You may make observations of individuals and groups at work, evaluate the quality of problem solving approaches, or ask specific questions about process so students identify and assess the strategies employed by their group. You may find it helpful to gather information from students on how they view learning with cases. Here is a sample student survey (Microsoft Word 24kB Aug15 03).

Reflecting on your teaching experiences with investigative cases will help you evaluate their effectiveness in the classroom and consider ways to improve investigative case-based learning materials and methods for future courses.

Activities students engage in as they work on their investigations:

You may wish to ask if your students are:

Opportunities for assessment of student products (in bold) include:

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