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Teaching Earth history and evolution to students with creationist beliefs can be very challenging. Faculty have had a wide range of experiences. This page provides an opportunity for you to share what has and has not worked in your classroom in order to help other faculty facing similar situtations. All contributions will be reviewed for appropriateness before posting.

Please describe the ways in which you have addressed creationist beliefs in your classroom. Your remarks will be most helpful to others if you address:
  • Information about the course - what is the topical context in which it was imnportant to address student beliefs?
  • Information about the setting - Was this a large or small class? What kind of students are in the class?
  • Specific information about how you engaged students creationist beliefes - Formally or informally? Through activities, discussion, lecture? What was successful? What was difficult? How did you maintain respect in the classroom? How did you measure student understanding or gauge your success?