Submarine Groundwater Discharge Estimation

Xuan Yu, University of Delaware
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The objective of this exercise is to introduce students to the concept of submarine groundwater discharge (SGD). This exercise contains steps that allows the students walk through the entire process of obtaining the necessary data, processing the data, and using the data for SGD estimation.

Intended Audience

This unit is intended for upper level undergraduate or lower level graduate students in hydrology, hydrogeology, and geology/earth sciences.

Conceptual Learning Outcomes

Students demonstrate the understanding of submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) and surface runoff.
Students demonstrate the understanding of temporal variations of SGD and surface runoff.

Practical Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to use R to process and visualize data.
Students will be able to use WaterML to download hydrologic data from CUAHSI.

Student Time Required

3-4 hours

Supporting Reference Documents and Files

Submarine Groundwater Discharge Estimation (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 6.5MB Jul22 16)


Please follow the handout to download the R source code, and run the R source code on your own computer. The source code will read data from different sources and calculate submarine groundwater discharge (SGD). The final results will be plotted in a figure to compare SGD and surface runoff.

Steps within this lesson