Using click-on-diagram questions to identify geoscience misconceptions

published Apr 11, 2019 10:49am
Drs. Nicole LaDue and Tim Shipley published a paper in the Journal of Science Education and Technology on the use of click-on-diagram (COD) questions, administered using a classroom response system (CRS), as a research tool for identifying spatial misconceptions. The COD data confirmed known misconceptions about Earth's structure, geologic time, and base level and revealed a novel robust misconception about hot spot formation. Questions with complex spatial attributes were less likely to change following instruction and therefore were classified as indicating a robust misconception. COD questions provide efficient access to students' conceptual understanding and can be administered with most modern web-based clicker (CRS) services, including, which has this question type as an option for its free service. CRS-administered COD questions present an opportunity to gather spatial conceptions with large groups of students, immediately, building the knowledge base about students' misconceptions and providing feedback to guide instruction.

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