Share Your Experience Using the GETSI Modules

Instructors - We want to know how you have used GETSI teaching materials! ($100 stipend)

The GETSI project is conducting educational research on how instructors adopt and adapt the GETSI teaching materials. We are trying to gain an accurate portrayal of how the materials were used and/or modified by our fellow instructors. Even if you only used a small portion of the module, we would like to have your feedback. It will help us evolve the materials in the right direction and make the case for how the work should be continued in the future.

In recognition for the effort it takes to complete this form, you will earn a $100 stipend (offer available until funding expires, so do not wait). This survey should take about 30 minutes to complete. We will verify that you are a current or recent instructor of record. You must be a US citizen/resident or at a US institution in order to receive a stipend.

If you have used GETSI materials in your class, please share your experience using the relevant form below.

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