Anatomy of Coral

Part B: Coral Polyps

  1. Now that you are familiar with the basic structure of hydra polyps, let's take a look at how closely they actually compare to coral polyps.

    If the video won't play, visit Cal Academy to view.

    Checking In

    • What physical characteristics does the hydra share with a coral polyp? Identify any common body parts.
    • What are the key differences between the anatomy of coral polyps and hydra.
  2. Build a simple physical model of a single coral polyp using the following everyday materials:
    • One 3" x 3" sticky note (i.e. Post-It© notes)
    • pencil or pen
    • Transparent tape
    • Scissors
    • 1 egg carton cup (1/12 of an egg carton)
  3. Working with a partner or in a small group, come up with a creative way to model a full day in the life of a polyp. Demonstrate the details of how it gets nutrients in the daytime and in the nighttime. Use available craft materials to modify, reinvent, or extend your coral polyp model. Include as many details as you can to fully describe each process.
  4. Keep your model in a safe place so you can use it again later in the unit.

Optional Extension

Learn more about Coral Polyp Anatomy with the interactive at the bottom of this link.