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Tool 1


GeoMapApp is a global topography and bathymetry database that is integrated with an application to explore the data. The visualization tool was developed as part of the Marine Geoscience Data Management System. It is a Java™ application that will run on any computer platform with a Java Runtime Environment.

The program supports zooming in and out on maps, scrolling, the ability to "focus" an image for the current view, and to highlight areas of high resolution data on maps. It also supports generation of profiles and contour maps, the ability to customize maps with an interactive palette tool, generate 3D perspective images, select gravity and geoid grids, and save maps and grids.

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Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, New York.

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Online help is available through the GeoMapApp Help Pages.

Tool 2

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet program, such as Open Office. This chapter was written using Microsoft Excel 2008.

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Microsoft Corporation
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Microsoft Excel is available as a free trial:

Open Office can be downloaded for free from:

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Excel help is available online Excel Help Page

Data Source 1

Global Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
GeoMapApp provides a global, multi-resolution digital elevation model. The DEM includes high resolution (~100 m node spacing) topography from multibeam data for ocean areas and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) data over land.

Data Source 2

Antarctic Pollen Data
The data used in Part 2 of this chapter were collected during a research cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula. Fossil pollen recovered from core samples and correlated to sediment age. Included also is location, core ID, and average relative abundance for several major taxa of pollen fossils. Note that the % abundance figures are averages of all pollen returns within the associated sequence. Averages were calculated by the authors to give a single value for each plotted core location.

Data Source 3

North American Pollen Data
The NOAA Paleoclimatology Program distributes the product of various collaborative efforts to collect and organize pollen records from around the globe. These data include the pollen counts and related information, as well as several different derived data sets. Data archived here were last updated in February 2005.