LuAnn Dahlman

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Center for Science Teaching and Learning, TERC
Role in the DataTools Project:
Image Analysis Instructor and Career Specialist

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LuAnn Dahlman is Project Director for the Earth Exploration Toolbook, the AccessData project and the National Model Earth Science Lab Course at TERC. Along with Jeff Lockwood and Carla McAuliffe, she is a co-PI of Eyes in the Sky, an Information Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST) project that prepares secondary teachers to faciliate their students use of GPS units, GIS software and data, and image data and analysis software to do community-based research projects.

Selected Sources of Image Data and Activities (PowerPoint 3.7MB Jul7 08)


Promoting Career Awareness (PowerPoint 1.2MB Jul8 07)

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As part of the ANDRILL project, LuAnn spent the Fall of 2006 in Antarctica. She created this freely available book of classroom activities: Antarctica's Climate Secrets. Banners and videos also accompany these materials.