Sung Bae Jeon


Ph.D Candidate
Department of Geography and Environment
Boston University

Sung Bae Jeon is currently working toward a PhD in Geography and Environment at Boston University. She has received a MS degree in Geography in 2003 from Kent State University, in Kent Ohio; and a BS degree in Geography in 1998 from Kyung Hee University in Seoul, South Korea.

Jeon has been involved in a number of research projects. She was a research assistant in the Center for Remote Sensing at Boston University doing the processing and georeferencing of Radarsat-1 Synthetic Aperature Radar (SAR) data over the Darfur Province of Sudan and the eastern Sahara, in preparation of an analysis of groundwater resources; and Analyzing Radarsat data of fluvial features of the Kufra Oasis in the eastern Sahara using GIS. She was also a GIS Data Developer at Kent State University digitizing maps for the Summit County Urban Planning project. Jeon has also been a teaching assistant at Boston University and Kent State University for undergraduate courses in geography, remote sensing, and GIS. Her research interests are in the areas of Land Use Change, Remote Sensing, GIS, Terrestrial Carbon Budget.

Title of Talk: Land Use Change of New England