Telecon 3: Investigating Earthquakes with AEJEE GIS, session 1

Third Teleconference Online Workshop Using Excel and AEJEE

You can particpate in our third Teleconference Online Workshop on either Tuesday, May 1 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM or on Saturday, May 5, 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Please make arrangements to be at a relatively quiet telephone connection with access to an Internet connection at the same time.

Getting Ready for the Workshop

  1. To preview Investigating Earthquakes with ArcExplorer GIS, go to the
    Title Page
  2. To prepare for the workshop, acquaint yourself with the chapter by looking over the Title Page, Teaching Notes, and Case Study.
  3. Next, complete Steps 1 to 3 of Part 1 for each of the three earthquake datasets. You should end up with three Excel files, one for the Significant earthquake dataset, one for the Big earthquake dataset and one for a year's worth of Earthquake data. Save these files to a folder named Earthquake Data, in a place that you can easily relocate. You do not need to clean up the data. We will do that together during the workshop.
    Part 1
  4. Then, complete Steps 1 & 2 of Part 2, downloading, unzipping, and installing ArcExplorer Java Edition for Educaton (AEJEE), as well as downloading and unzipping the AEJEE project. WARNING: As you install AEJEE, please be sure to accept the default location that it wants to install to. If you move the program folder elsewhere, it will cause problems for using the already existing projects that come bundled with the software. The earthquake project you will use during the workshop also depends on this default location in order to work.
    Part 2
  5. Consider printing out each of the four Parts of the Step-by-Step instructions.
    Step-by-Step Instructions
    This will allow you to focus your attention during the workshop on formating the earthquake data with Excel and on mapping and analyzing it in AEJEE GIS. Instead of constantly switching between the EET directions in your browser and the actual data analysis you will be doing in AEJEE GIS, you will be able to refer to the paper printout of the steps.
  6. If you have not already done so, make sure your browser can support the Eluminate Web-conferencing software.
    Elluminate Configuration Check
  7. Last, we have found that school firewalls can sometimes prevent participants from accessing Elluminate. To test your ability to connect to an Elluminate Classroom, click the link below. You can ignore the instructions for configuring your audio. We will be using the telephone, rather than Elluminate to talk to each other.
  8. If you have any difficulties getting ready for the workshop, please contact Carla.

Connecting to the Workshop

Workshop Questionnaire

Lingering Questions