Part 5—ACT on Geographic Knowledge

Step 1 –
Drawing Conclusions

After analyzing the results of your investigation, what can you conclude about your campus and local community? In light global climate change, does this project tell you anything about the importance of certain types of land cover? Does this project help you better understand some of the causes of urban heat islands? What would happen if your entire campus were paved over? Can you think of any possible surfaces that could be used to cover building rooftops that would reduce the urban heat island effect?

Step 2 –
Taking Action

As community citizens and future decision-makes for our planet, it is important to understand the diversity of forces effecting our environment, both at local and global levels. Ideally, the discovery of wide-spread linkages between the vast array of human and environmental factors will prompt us to "think globally, acting locally." Maybe this project leads you to help create more natural surfaces on your own campus, such as roof-top-gardens. The possibilities are endless. Remember that small changes made by many can make a large impact.

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