Step-by-Step Instructions

Part 1Download and Install Software

Download and Install Google Earth software.

Part 2Practice Using GPS Device

Practice moving between the pages of the GPS, saving a waypoint and deleting waypoints.

Part 3Use GPS to Mark Waypoints

Decide what size of litter will represent a waypoint, prepare to go outside and mark waypoints of litter in study area.

Part 4Import Waypoints into Google Earth

Import the waypoints into Google Earth and edit the placemarks to include descriptions.

Part 5Complete Spatial Analysis Of Data and Prepare Report

Use the ruler tool in Google Earth to measure distances from litter to the nearest trashcan, add to the data sheet. Analyze the data and make recommendations for trash can placement. Create screen shot to include in report. Summarize findings and rationale for any change in trashcans in the study area.