Tools and Data

Tool 1

GPS receiver

A GPS receiver is a tool that uses satellites to pinpoint locations. The locations are stored as coordinates (i.e. latitude and longitude) in the GPS receiver.

This chapter uses a Garmin eTrex Legend, however other GPS receivers could be used.

Tool Builder



Tool Cost

GPS – $100 - $300, depending on model.
Class sets of GPS Loaner Units are available through GIS etc GSA / GPS Loaner Program for a minimal charge

Tool Help

See the user manual for the type of GPS being used. Garmin manuals can be found at: All Garmin Manuals

Tool 2

Google Earth

This chapter uses Google Earth

Google Earth is online mapping and visualization software that enables users to combine geographic information with satellite imagery. It allows layering of images and provides the means to determine relationships between "stacked" visualizations. It reads formatted KML files. This tool provides users with a way of manipulating Earth views through rotating, tilting, and zooming in and out.

Tool Builder

GoogleHeadquartered in Mountain View, CA.
Google Earth is based on technology from Keyhole, a company which Google acquired in 2004.

Tool Cost

Google Earth is a free download offered by Google. Other more powerful versions are available for purchase.

Tool Help

User guide:

Data Source

User Collected Data

Users of this chapter will collect data with a GPS receiver.