Step-by-Step Instructions

Part 1Learn About GOES Images

Read background information to learn more about GOES images.

Part 2Explore GOES Images

Go to the Interactive Global Geostationary Weather Satellite Images (GOES) website, to explore images and controls.

Part 3Animate Web-Based GOES Images

Use the web-based animation tools to explore changes in images over time.

Part 4Download Software and Data

Download and install ImageJ software. Select and download images to animate.

Part 5Animate GOES Images Using ImageJ

Bring the hourly images of water vapor data into ImageJ. Create and explore an animation of how water vapor data changes over time.

Part 6Determine Storm Speed and Size Using ImageJ

Open a stack of images of Hurricane Ivan. Animate the images, and measure the distance traveled by Hurricane Ivan. Analyze the speed that the storm traveled.