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The isee Player software allows users to explore models built in the STELLA and iThink environments. This type of modeling environment enables users to understand concepts in the form of interconnected systems. While the isee Player does not allow for model development it does provide users with a graphical interface to run the model under varying conditions, a map of the model that shows how model parts are connected, as well as the equations that drive the model.

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There are two isee Player tutorials that may provide key information about basic software capabilities and may help solve problems or answer questions users encounter while running the model.

The PowerPoint tutorial can be viewed onscreen or printed and focuses specifically on the Biomass Accumulation model. isee-tutorial-globecc.ppt (PowerPoint 1.2MB Dec19 08)

There is also an interactive tutorial that you can open in the isee Player that uses an introductory model about a paper clip factory. (Zip Archive 8.2MB Jan5 09)

Data Source 1

Forest Inventory Analysis (FIA) data
FIA is a continuous forest census that allows foresters and scientists to monitor the nation's forests. Data are collected by the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service through the Forest Inventory Analysis (FIA) program. According to the Forest Service, data is reported on " status and trends in forest area and location; species, size, and health of trees; in total tree growth, mortality, and removals by harvest; in wood production and utilization rates by various products; and in forest land ownership".

The data used in this EET Chapter specifically focuses on forest carbon stocks by state and region between 1987 and 1997. Data can be found in our archive FIA_State_Carbon.xls (Excel 638kB Dec19 08). The data is also available from the FIA Web site by filename stateforestcarbonsummaries.xls. For detailed information about the data including how it was collected, you can view the publication 5565 .

Data Provider

The United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service Forest Inventory Analysis (FIA) program

Data Source 2

Foliar Nitrogen
Data on foliar nitrogen by species was collected from a variety of resources. These are appropriately cited in the FoliarN_References tab of the data table template Carbon_Scenario_template.xls (Excel 79kB Feb14 09).