Part 4—Report Results

Step 1 –
Create a Top Ten Hit List

Create a list of ten places on Earth that you predict will experience a significant earthquake sometime in the future.

Step 2 –
Conduct Research and Update Top Ten Hit List

In addition to the locations you have identified, conduct research to find out the places that are being carefully watched by seismologists. Read the following article, Anticipating Earthquakes, as you conduct your research. Consider the following question:

After reading the article, update or modify your Top Ten Hit List.

Step 3 –
Narrow the List to the Next Big One!

Based on the results of your analyses and the research you have conducted, identify one place from your Top Ten Hit List that you predict will be the most likely place on Earth to experience the Next Big One!

Step 4 –
Prepare a Report

Report your findings in a written and/or digital presentation. Support your predictions with printouts or screen shots of your map analyses. Address the following in your report:

Step 5 –
Monitor Future Earthquake Activity

Check your predictions by following future earthquake activity on Earth. Use the links provided in the Case Study and Going Further sections for your research.

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