Initial Publication Date: December 1, 2022

Using Project EDDIE modules in Climate Change

Kausik Ghosh, Vidyasagar University

About this Course

Climate Change

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EDDIE Module(s) Adopted and/or Adapted

Climate Change Module

The students of Geography do know the basic concept of climate and climate change. But the MSc First SEM students will be introduced to very simple statistics and reasoning to understand whether climate change is real or not. This will help students correlate the theories related to climate change and processes with data or changing variables of climate in analysis software (here Excel). Further interpretation will help students to understand the books and published articles on climate change.

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Relationship of EDDIE Module(s) to my Course

The course is a perfect fit for the syllabus. As we have tried to combine structured learning, guided learning and enquiry-based learning together to offer the lecture-based theory class on climate change science with a lab-based climate change module for climate data analysis with simple statistics.

Teaching Details

I am using almost all the guidelines available in the EDDIE module for the preparation of lectures and lab instructions. I like the questions that can be used as food for students' thought building.

Adaption Materials

Module and Syllabus outline (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 18kB Dec1 22)

How did the activity go?

I will share, that it is under implementation

I hope students will take it very seriously and they will find it interesting as it is first time such a course is offered (simple statistics and reasoning)

Future Use

I like the way it is designed, more advanced than we can see in the Indian context.